Here are a couple notes upon arrival

  • Please keep your shoes on, but do your best to wipe them off on the front entrance carpet

  • Drop off sleepover items (blankets/pillows etc.) in the 3 season room (the room to the left of the fire place)

  • Try your best to keep your mask on 

  • Please read below on how to order drinks below 

  • Drink, eat and have fun! 

Mobile Order Bar

  • Malayika, one of the best bartenders in the 585 will be making drinks for everyone at the party! (Thank you Malayika🎃) 

  • To make things run more smoothly and prevent crowding at the bar we are using a mobile order system 

  • Here's how it works: 

    • Pick out a drink from the drink menu below​

    • Text your order along with your name to 516-652-2039

    • You will get a text back when your drink is ready 

    • Pick up your drink at the bar area

  • Additionally if you just want something quick to drink there is a punch bowl at the bar to serve yourself 


  • There are two contests tonight, both winners receives a bottle of alcohol 

  • Information on both contests are on the graphics below


  • First floor

    • Food

    • Bar

    • Photobooth ​

  • Basement

    • "Haunted House"

    • Beer pong 

    • Beer 

  • Outside

    • Campfire

    • Beer pong 

    • Smores

    • Blankets and seats

And YES we know we're extra😂

We hope everyone enjoys